The Big Other

by Figure Walking



Co-release - Disintegration Records in North America and Marathon of Dope in Europe


releases April 28, 2017

Recorded and mixed by Cam Loeppky at Argyle Studios (Canada)
Mastered at Bova Sound (Canada)
Layout and design by Terry Corrigan
Cover art by Dany Reede
Photo by Kristian Jordan
Figure Walking is Rob Gardiner and Greg MacPherson
Meghan Millar played saxophone on 3 and 9
Hailey Primrose sang on 7 and 9
Izzy Goloch and Zorya Arrow sang on 9
Sample of Gruff the Druid's Driving Home used with Gruff's permission



all rights reserved


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Disintegration Records Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Track Name: Victorious
Born to be victorious
You should see how we're living
I guess the rich lost that spirit of giving
and all the horrors I've seen
I hate to complain but you know what I mean
Hey, someone's standing out there...
See them gasping for air
Until that face turns blue
All I can think about is you

Born to be victorious
A hundred stabs... still airtight
Another little sister went missing last night
And there's the colour of your skin...
What kind of trouble are we in?
Yeah, you should see how we're living
Too many strikes to eat down at the mission

Born to be victorious
After the murder mama never had a chance
See her slumped over the keyboard in a protestant trance
Sleeping in St. John's confessional
He'll be dead in a week if they send him back to Mexico
And there's the colour of your skin
So pail in the moon light
A hundred stabs and still airtight
Born to be victorious